Agno, the Greek word for "Pure", is the best way to describe the type of gentleman Yianni Kapiris was. With a heart that was Agno, his generosity and love touched everyone who met him.

Yianni Kapiris was born on the beautiful Greek island Chios in a small village in the North called Kambia. At 18 Yianni left his home in Greece and set sail to Australia to start a better life. It was in Two Wells, SA, with many years of hard work and dedication, he was able to build and live his dreams. Growing and selling tomatoes was his life, growing olive trees was his heritage. Originally Yianni with his wife Eugenia produced beautiful Olive Oil only for family and friends to enjoy, but now Agno "Pure" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled for everyone, so you can experience and taste the finest.